• Image of Protective Face Mask
  • Image of Protective Face Mask
  • Image of Protective Face Mask
  • Image of Protective Face Mask


Current Production Time is Roughly 7-10 Days.

Masks are *hand-made* (on an embroidery machine) with two layers of quilting cotton. Inside is a soft, thick cotton fleece. The outside will be one of the patterns shown above. Due to demand, you WILL NOT be able to choose which design you want. If you order more than one, every effort will be made to send different patterns (please leave a note with your order if you MUST have all of the same/different masks)

Masks TIE behind your head (see video below) and do not go around your ears. It's recommended to tie the bottom para-cord in a small tight knot close to the ends creating a loop. Put your head though, affix the mask, and use the top para-cords to pull the mask tight and tie. Once you have determined your fit, you may trim the para-cord as needed (melt the tips with a cigarette lighter to prevent fraying).

Please try to limit orders to five pieces as to allow other fans to purchase. As mentioned, these are made by hand, and take time to produce. Orders will be filled as soon as possible. Stock is limited and will be updated as needed.

Please note that the price INCLUDES SHIPPING.

Local pick up is available by contacting me directly through social media channels.

Thanks, and be safe

Quick Video on The Best Way To Tie

Mask tutorial

Posted by Vinny Milano on Tuesday, May 5, 2020